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HAKTIV is vetting its security researchers through 5 stages of assessments
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Apply, Pass, Vet, Hunt

  • Screening
  • Technical
  • Soft
  • eKYC
  • Reputation

In this phase, HAKTIV special team reviews your application and checks your answers.

Make sure you submit the correct info.

You are required to have the set of skills or knowledge needed to perform practical penetration testing on the web, mobile, desktop, and more.

You'll receive a technical test to assess your ability to perform black-box security tests within a limited time frame.

Soft skills, also known as common skills or core competencies, are skills that can be applied to all professions.

These skills are tested in a 15-minute video conference.

eKYC means the digitized version of the "Know your Customer" protocol, you shall provide us with your local ID, passport and local criminal record.

After verification by the system, you shall proceed to the final stage.

Building and maintaining a good reputation is the key to the success of an ethical hacker.

We check the applicant's reputation in the HAKTIV community.


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HAKTIV's community contains some of the best ethical hackers out there who reported several critical bugs and protected many global brands


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