Bug Bounty

Deploy your bug bounty program on HAKTIV to identify and fix vulnerabilities within your external assets

  • Flexible Testing

    Our Bug Bounty solution provides the flexibility needed to meet your testing needs while keeping various digital projects on schedule without draining resources.

  • The Right Resources

    Once your bug bounty program launches, HAKTIV will accommodate the right skills, experience, and setup to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of security testing

  • Pay-Per-Vulnerability

    Create your own reward matrix based on criticality and pay researchers only if the vulnerability is successfully discovered,with each payment reflects the severity of the bug

Next Generation Pentest

HAKTIV offers customers an offensive security approach where a company can request services or provide data about security issues without incurring additional cost

Crowdsource Pentest

HAKTIV is revolutionizing pen-testing capabilities through crowdsourcing tasks, this keeps you up to date on finding bugs

Always-On Monitoring

HAKTIV offers dynamic solution for reducing the number of entry points hackers can use to enter networks and steal critical data

Meet Compliance

Supports methods such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC-2, ISO-27001, evaluated by independent parties

Vulnerability Remediation

HAKTIV provides practices of eliminating risks related to the bugs of your security measures



A collection of most frequently asked questions and their answers.

What Is Crowdsource Security?

Crowdsourcing security techniques invite groups of people (crowds) to test an asset's vulnerabilities. People vary from less than tens to hundreds of simultaneous tests. "Bug bounties", "Vulnerability Disclosure Programs (VDP)", and "Responsible Disclosure Programs" are all under the umbrella of crowdsourced security.